Since 2005


To increase self-esteem and facilitate the mental, physical, emotional and social empowerment of a person.

This model consists of increasing self-esteem and facilitating the mental, physical, emotional and social empowerment of a person and the establishment of healthier, more balanced and autonomous personal and social relationships.

In Lizarra Ikastola we adopt the Pentacity model, as the neuralgic and structural centre of human relations. The relationship system determines how we discover other people, communicate and relate to them, recognising their identity, their power and their personal authority:

  • In the personal area, the aim is to develop a coherent personal identity, the recognition, acceptance and integration of feelings and emotions in order to be able to respond to changes.
  • In the family sphere, it is proposed to develop a model of equality and co-responsibility that generates a model of family understood as a space for learning in personal development, as well as for training in the real distribution of tasks and responsibilities, a greater solidarity among the people who make up the family.
  • In love relationships, the objective is to contribute to free and non-stereotyped relationships and to the creation of new relationship patterns that replace those of dominance-submission that cause male violence.
  • In all other personal relationships and social networks, the purpose is for greater social participation in a constructive and responsive manner in different situations and increased co-responsibility for planet Earth.
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