Basque - Multilingualism

Linguistic project

To guarantee educational multilingualism with the presence of four languages in school life: Basque, Spanish, English and French

The key objective of our language project is to provide the necessary tools for today's children, who will be the adults of the future, to live in a multilingual society. Beyond the initial bilingualism proposed in Lizarra Ikastola in its first years of existence (Basque-Spanish), the current objective is to guarantee educational plurilingualism with the presence of four languages in their school life (Basque-Spanish-English-French) and a communicative methodology.

Ikastola Lizarra proyecto lingüístico tabla

Considering the importance we give to the treatment of languages in our daily work, these are the general objectives to be taken into account:

  • To make Basque (Basque speakers) multilingual speakers. The goal is for students to master the two languages of Navarre (Basque and Spanish), to have a good command of English as a first foreign language and a basic knowledge of a second language as close to home as French.
  • To make Basque the main language in the community, ensuring the transmission, development and dissemination of this language and Basque culture in its environment.
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