Modelo educativo

Education model

The school, with effort and all its means, directs towards an educative model based on autonomy and the participation of all the sectors involved. It pretends to consolidate the management teams associated with the educational project, taking as pivotal a stable, dynamic and committed teaching staff.

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Parents participation is crucial so as to build a suitable, solidary and responsible behaviour in our students.

Families delegation

In addition to the official bodies of parents participation, Governing Council and School Council, in Lizarra Ikastola the figure of representatives exist, having a double mission:

  • Being the people who are informed about what is carried out in the school at different stages, in order to make suggestions and transfer the opinions and feelings of the families in their class.
  • Maintain the participation of families in a class alive, in connection with the proposals that are presented from the school.

Participative and communicative management model

Lizarra Ikastola’s management model is participative and communicative, and its aim is the coherent, coordinated and solidary participation of all the members (families, students, teachers…) of the school community by different established means (Cooperative Assembly, Governing Council, School Council, stage representatives of students and families).

Acceso familias