The beginning of an utopia

The history of
Lizarra Ikastola

A long-held dream comes true.

The beginning of an utopia

The history of the school known as Lizarra Ikastola began on 29 September 1970. Twenty-five pupils started the first academic year in a classroom provided by the Town Council of Estella-Lizarra in the municipal pelota centre. Thanks to the support of a group of parents and help from institutions such as Príncipe de Viana (Government of Navarra), the Royal Academy of the Basque Language and representatives of the Town Council of Estella-Lizarra, the school started life with a budget of 240,000 pesetas. In 1973, classes moved to premises at number 1 Calle Navarrería, acquired by the families through a loan. The major change came in 1977 when the families created the Lizarra Ikastola Educational and Consumer Cooperative and the primary school classrooms were moved to the former Piarist school and convent.

Social action and function

During the 1980-1981 academic year, several actions were carried out in order to give a new direction to both the educational and the administrative aspects. On the one hand, Lizarra Ikastola opened up to society through the recovery of traditions such as Santa Águeda or Olentzero and, on the other hand, various initiatives were organised to improve the financial situation, (for example, through the stall at the local fiestas). By 1982, Lizarra Ikastola had 12 EGB (Basic General Education) classes. The school was the first one to use a model of linguistic immersion in the Basque language in a Spanish-speaking environment, (many schools from Guipuzcoa, Biscay, Navarre came to find out about our model).

It was in 1985 that the partners of Lizarra Ikastola purchased the former Piarist school and its land with 99.5% of votes in favour from the Annual General Meeting. The money obtained from the Nafarroa Oinez Festival that year was the perfect incentive for making this decision

A long-held dream comes true

The building of the new school began in 1989. Funding was obtained in the form of 61 million pesetas from the Government of Navarra, a loan for 90 million granted by Kutxa savings bank and the money raised by a mass cultural campaign: in 1990, the second Nafarroa Oinez Festival organised in Lizarra had the slogan ‘Ezina Ekinez Egina’ (a challenge met through work).

In 1991, the new Lizarra Ikastola was opened in the presence of the Mayor of Estella-Lizarra and representatives of the Government of Navarra.

Five years later the ESO (Obligatory Secondary Education) model was introduced and 1999 saw the opening of the Lizarra Ikastola Infant School for children between 0 and 3 years of age.

Work in Auzolan

Since then and right up to the present, Lizarra Ikastola has promoted creativity, the transmission of knowledge and the creation of questioning minds, in a caring environment, giving importance to the work carried out in Auzolan or service for the common good.

  • 1970

    Lizarra Ikastola’s first classes in a classroom in the municipal pelota centre.
  • 1973

    Acquisition of premises at number 1 Calle Navarrería.
  • 1977

    Creation of the Lizarra Ikastola Educational and Consumer Cooperative.
  • 1982

    Legalisation of 12 EGB (basic general education) classes.
  • 1985

    Acquisition of the former Piarist school and its land.
    First construction work on the new Ikastola.
  • 1989

    First construction work on the new Ikastola.
  • 1990

    Second Nafarroa Oinez Festival in Lizarra .
  • 1991

    Inauguration of the new Lizarra Ikastola.
  • 1995

    Introduction of the ESO (obligatory secondary education) model.
  • 1999

    Opening of Lizarra Ikastola Infant School.
  • 2003

    Bronze Q seal of quality.
  • 2004

    Third Nafarroa Oinez Festival in Lizarra.
  • 2005

    Europe Excellence (400+Silver).
  • 2008

    National Award of “Good Communal Living Practices” of the Ministry of Education and Sciences.
  • 2009

    Europe Excellence (500+Gold).
    Award for the Innovative Project of Basic Competences by the Government of Navarre.
  • 2014

    Digitalization of classes and students.
  • 2016

    New confidence pedagogy in Infant Education.
  • 2017

    First Erasmus+ project.
  • 2018

    Implementation of the KiVa school bullying programme.
  • 2020

    50. anniversary of Lizarra Ikastola.
  • 2020 / 2021

    XX. Manuel Irujo Award .
    Fourth Nafarroa Oinez Festival in Lizarra.
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