Students integral formation

Educational project

The educational project of Lizarra Ikastola considers the person as the main target of all the educational activity. Thus, the teaching is focused on students’ integral formation and on their exit-profile.

Students exit-profile

The one who communicates orally and in writing in different languages, both in Basque and in Spanish at a high level, and in English to get along in everyday tasks. Moreover, in French, for having some kind of freedom in basic life situations (learning, working, living…).
The one who is aware of their commitment to Basque language and culture, reflecting positively on their attitudes towards the Basque language and participating in initiatives which reinforce the use of the language and the culture in their environment.
The one who provides coherent arguments on issues of reality; analyzing and contrasting with autonomy resources of information with diverse perspectives in different media, in order to guarantee the ability to have one's own opinions..
The one who is able to work in a team, with respect and active listening, with constructive and enriching participations, through the diversity of the group, to make improvements altogether.
The one who responds positively to situations, facing up the different alternatives proposed for it, and being conscious of the strengths and aspects to improve, in order to manage with certainty the current and future studies and life project.
The one who seeks and assesses new solutions to various situations; exploring alternatives to enrich the environment and promote diversity.
The one who is empathic with others; being aware of themselves’ and others’ emotional state, participating in initiatives that raise awareness over the topic of environment, so as to feel positively about social and natural diversity.
The one who knows how to manage emotions; recognizing one’s own emotions, identifying other people’s emotions and recycling the negative ones by self-regulation for a well-balanced personal development.
The one who has good health habits; being conscious about one’s body, practising regular physical activity and looking after the diet; in order to have a good quality of life.
The one who carries out ideas; planning the environment and taking advantage of resources (digital ones..); in order to promote a dynamic society which responds to the needs of the moment.
The one who is able to use the scientific procedure; knowing scientific theories, manipulating elements and learning from mistakes; to base opinion on solid ideas and promote scientific culture.

Pedagogical commitment and aim

The continuous formation of the workers in Lizarra Ikastola, as well as the incorporation of new educational tendencies and new technological resources determine the methodology pursued by the school.

The principal objective of the pedagogy in Lizarra Ikastola is to boost the development of cognitive, psychomotor, communicative, affective and social capacities, which contribute to the formation of people able to be inserted in an all-time changing society. In this process, three types of intelligence are used: vertical intelligence, based on logical, verbal and motor reasoning; emotional intelligence, which gives priority to feelings, values and behaviours; and lastly, lateral intelligence, the one which tries to promote creativity.

The essential tools to carry out those objectives are based on a plan for coexistence and attention to diversity.

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