Infant School

Infant Education
(0 to 3 years)

Play as a way to develop and acquire knowledge.

In this educational stage, the pedagogical work focuses on covering physical, psychological and affective needs of the children on the one hand; and on the other hand, targeting the learning on the discovery of the environment and the expression of emotions. Some of the objectives proposed from Lizarra Ikastola are:

  • To know and try to accept the situations that arise around the children.
  • To seek different solutions to different situations.
  • To enjoy what they do and receive from their environment on a daily basis.
  • To know and express pleasant and unpleasant sensations through corporal expression.
  • To know their limits and capabilities in any given situation.
  • To participate in routine activities and develop a positive attitude.
  • To express interest in their environment through signs.
  • To begin to respect their own and others' turns.
  • To know and accept the people around themselves.
  • To know, adapt and begin to take care of the physical environment.
  • To help each other in group work.

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