(School) bullying


Prevention, intervention and monitoring of bullying

The KiVa programme consists of active training for the prevention and reduction of bullying.

The programme consists of three action tracks: prevention, intervention and monitoring and includes both universal and specific measures. Universal measures, such as the KiVa curriculum (lessons for students and online games) focus primarily on preventing bullying. Specific actions should be used when bullying occurs. They specifically target those who have been involved in bullying, either as perpetrators or as victims, as well as the rest of the class who should support the victim; the aim is to stop the bullying.

Experience-based learning during KiVa lessons

Each individual case is addressed in a series of individual and group discussions between the school's KiVa team and the people involved. It reflects on the acquired behavioural roles and the responsibility that each individual has to achieve a bullying-free coexistence.

Material for teachers, students and families

KiVa includes a wealth of materials for teachers, students and parents, such as the Teacher's Handbook, online games, surveys for KiVa staff and students, posters, waistcoats and a Parents' Guide.

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